Opening hours: seasonal
In Veavågen you drive towards Salvøy.
After the bridge take the first exit
to the right (look for sign)

Salvøyvegen 65, N-4276 Veavågen
Phone: (+47) 52 82 42 14
Mobile: (+47) 90 07 50 53
(+47) 99 40 74 11

History of the Company

Karmøy Laks was established as a family smokery in 1967. Since 1979 the company has spesialised in smoked salmon products.

Karmøy Laks is a modern smokery (European Union-standard)
with a unique method of smoking. The company's 100 hours smoking process is based on old family recipes.

Karmøy Laks products are prepared by hand.
Professional pride and experience guarantee the highest quality